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The Greats Talking

A few words for Siudmak

By The Greats Talking
The works of Wojtek Siudmak are of beautiful and powerful hypnotism. Once encountered, they remain rooted in our memory like intimate revelations about ourselves. It seems as if the artist’s raw material originated from our own unconscious.His visions captivate the viewers with their profundity. Though nobody has yet managed to crack open the door to the future, Wojtek Siudmak already anticipates it and watches, with his curious eyes, eternal beings floating in a world where time and space are no longer constrained by the fundamental laws of nature.

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George LUCAS

By The Greats Talking
The fantastic is real in these magic worlds of Wojtek Siudmak. His images are like single frames of film – select moments in a larger experience which continues in time and space. Read More

Jean-Jacques ANNAUD

By The Greats Talking
Photography and the mechanical means of audio-visual reproduction have traumatised painters to such a point that many have chosen to sink deeper and deeper into abstraction. A whole segment of esoteric contemporary art only fills with ecstasy a declining number of the initiated and a few rich speculators, happy to have invested their money in a saleable signature. Read More

Francis LAI

By The Greats Talking
The most disturbing aspect of Wojtek Siudmak’s work comes when one closes the last page, empty, like the ultimate silence after the final note when time stands still in a concert hall. Read More


By The Greats Talking
Everything seems to imply that this is a remarkable artist. His name is forcing the jaw to chew asteroid debris filled with cloves: Wojtek Siudmak. Then comes his realm: science fiction. And his style – the hyperrealistic fantasy, as he calls it. Read More

To lift the veil of dreams

By The Greats Talking
“Creating is a series of unique moments. The idea for a painting appears suddenly like a flash of lightning across the darkness of a black sky. The hand records this fleeting moment with an outline, so simple that it resembles an embryo, or perhaps a symbol from Chinese or Japanese script. Read More

Jacqueline NEBOUT

By The Greats Talking
Here is Paris, a capital of worldwide influence, prodigious testimony to a rich, glorious and anonymous history, to drama and jubilation, to knowledge and dreams. This is the compulsory stage of SIUDMAK’s course: his stroke captures, elevates and transcends all he touches. Read More