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Francis Lai is considered one of the world’s greatest composers. He is notably the author of the music for the films “Un homme et une femme” and “Love Story”. For the latter film, he won the Oscar and Golden Globe for best film score in 1970.

It was in Paris that Wojciech Siudmak met the French composer in his music studio, whose windows afford a view of the majestic Eiffel Tower.

Francis Lai composed the symphony for the “Amour Eternel” project. It is an extremely moving personal message addressed to the people of Wieluń, Poland, and to the Polish people.

The composer’s sensitivity, his deep understanding of the tragedy of the people of Wieluń and humanity’s aspiration for peaceful coexistence elicited a spontaneous and creative response from the composer.

His symphony emanates a beautiful melodic line. The theme of beauty and harmony is felt through the emotion that this symphony clearly conveys to every listener.


Francis Lai listening to the “Eternal Love” symphony.

Wojciech Siudmak admiring the composer’s numerous gold records

The composer’s international music trophies.

Wojciech Siudmak in conversation with Francis Lai in his Paris recording studio.

Francis Lai performs the beginning of his symphony on an accordion keyboard.

Francis Lai writing the first notes of the symphony ” Eternal Love” on an envelope, which is one of the charity items for the Project.

Autographed envelope with first notes. “Eternal Love” by the composer.

Envelope with the first notes of the famous music for the film Love Story and with his autograph.