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The Greats Talking

Jean-Claude DUNYACH

By The Greats Talking
Wojtek Siudmak endowed me with many stories. He hid them in his paintings inside the ships traversing the infinite space behind its incredible horizons where magic of kisses spins. Staring still at his paintings, I followed the great horses, pricking up my ears to be able to listen to the whispers of those worlds. I learned to look differently. Read More


By The Greats Talking
The beauty transmitted by Siudmak’s colors is without a doubt an unmistakable beauty. Anyone can become sensitive to them, just like me, when walking down the street, I noticed for the first time Siudmak’s poster among a hundred of other posters. Looking at some of Siudmak’s paintings, I hear melodious verses of G.rard de Nerval in my head: Read More