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The Greats Talking

Jean-Jacques ANNAUD

Photography and the mechanical means of audio-visual reproduction have traumatised painters to such a point that many have chosen to sink deeper and deeper into abstraction. A whole segment of esoteric contemporary art only fills with ecstasy a declining number of the initiated and a few rich speculators, happy to have invested their money in a saleable signature. Equally, these creators of great talent, less inhibited and eager to communicate their vision, began to paint not what they saw but what they wanted to see, not what existed but what they made exist. We can find their works on the covers of books and magazines, in strip cartoons and on advertisement hoardings. Those who draw, illustrate and paint the imagined reality are inventing the visual arts of this century, and also determining architecture, fashion and the graphic style of cinema and television productions.

Hanging on the wall facing me, in a part of my house where I spend many hours, is the 1976 Cannes Film Festival poster. It is signed by SIUDMAK.

I have been travelling through his painting for many years. Thanks to him and with him, I dream of images over and behind the horizon.

A hyperrealist of the supernatural, intimate with the infinite, SIUDMAK has serene control over his extraordinary folly. He has the divine gift of being able to materialise his imagination. He has the kindness to know how to carry us along with him.

Los Angeles, July 14, 1989

I’ve been exploring the world of his art for years. This way I join him in his dreams about images from the world behind the horizon. Hyperrealistic, beyond reality, intimate with the infinity, Siudmak has calm control over his incredible madness. He has the divine gift of materialising his imagination. He can involve us in his unbelievable journey.

Jean-Jacques Annaud
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