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The Greats Talking

A few words for Siudmak

The works of Wojtek Siudmak are of beautiful and powerful hypnotism. Once encountered, they remain rooted in our memory like intimate revelations about ourselves. It seems as if the artist’s raw material originated from our own unconscious.His visions captivate the viewers with their profundity. Though nobody has yet managed to crack open the door to the future, Wojtek Siudmak already anticipates it and watches, with his curious eyes, eternal beings floating in a world where time and space are no longer constrained by the fundamental laws of nature.

He explores unknown regions, which only come to life thanks to the phenomenal power of his imagination, carefully portraying a universe where men and women coexist in serenity, with purely classic eroticism, their sublime bodies bursting in rays of light, revealing their exposed spirits. Thus Wojtek Siudmak pushes us gently to look beyond our reality, impelling us to face our fear of time.

This great master has accompanied me ever since his desert man with blue-withinblue eyes fixed his gaze on me. From that moment on, I have been suspended between the two worlds, ours and the reality conceived by Wojtek Siudmak.

world-famous film director,
creator of the newest screen adaptation of Dune

Jean-Denis Villeneuve
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