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DUNE „Plans within Plans”

DUNE “Plans within Plans”

DUNE “Pensive Cities”

DUNE “Concert”

CHOPIN / A Walk to Infinity (2016)

CHOPIN “A Walk to Infinity”

DUNE / Chalice of Ambrosia (2010)

DUNE “Chalice of Ambrosia”

Apocalypse II Wieluń (2008)

Apocalypse II Wieluń

CHOPIN / A Muse Playing for the Heavenly Audience (2014)

CHOPIN “A Muse Playing for the Heavenly Audience”

CHOPIN / Twin Echo (2021)

CHOPIN “Twin Echo”

CHOPIN / The Song of Dreams (2012)

CHOPIN “The Song of Dreams”

CHOPIN / Internal Trap (2020)

CHOPIN “Internal Trap”

CHOPIN / Divine Ribbon (2020)

CHOPIN “Divine Ribbon”

Don Quichotte fighting the windmills

Don Quixote fighting windmills

CHOPIN / Sparks of Light (2020)

CHOPIN “Sparks of Light”

CHOPIN / Legend of the Lake (2020)

CHOPIN “Legend of the Lake”

Don Quichotte souffrant (2015)

Don Quichotte souffrant

DUNE / Crystal Lady (2014)

DUNE “Crystal Lady”

DON Q (2016)

Don Quixote surrounded by the heroes of his books

DON Q / Comedians (2016)

Don Quixote – The comedians

DON Q / Don Quichotte charging his vision (2014)

Don Quixote charging his vision

DON Q / The Sheeps Invasion (2014)

Don Quixote attacked by an army of sheep

Autumn Tango (2013)

Autumn Tango

CHOPIN / Meeting of Two Shores (2008)

CHOPIN “Meeting of Two Shores”

DUNE / Banishment (2009)

DUNE “Banishment”

Dune (2009)

DUNE “Gate to Infinity”

DUNE / Prophecy (2010)

DUNE “Lady with Five Ermines”

DUNE / Meeting in Front of the Temple (2007)

DUNE “Meeting in Front of the Temple ”

DUNE / Farewell (2010)

DUNE “Farewell”

DUNE / Prophecy (2010)

DUNE “Prophecy”