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The Greats Talking

Jacqueline NEBOUT

Here is Paris, a capital of worldwide influence, prodigious testimony to a rich, glorious and anonymous history, to drama and jubilation, to knowledge and dreams. This is the compulsory stage of SIUDMAK’s course: his stroke captures, elevates and transcends all he touches.

Here is Paris and its symbol, the Eiffel Tower, built to be the centrepiece of the World Exhibition of 1889, which strangely enough outlasted its time, without anyone knowing exactly why it has had such global success.

Born out of the discipline of ruler and compasses, those down-to-earth instruments, it leaves them behind to meet the sky and court the imagination.

What was a gesture has become art.

SIUDMAK makes himself at home as an accomplice.

No one will be surprised who knows this indefatigable creator of universes whose works defy gravity.

Creator of images beyond the horizon, says Jean-Jacques ANNAUD.

Captor of rainbows, according to Guy B.ART.

These paintings are engraved in this literature as many signs of a rise towards the future, powerfully anchored, while nevertheless part of a cultural inheritance that goes back to the beginning of time.

An immense exploitation of knowledge and mystery!

SIUDMAK at the Eiffel Tower to mark the year 2000: a place where you can come to learn how to read the future.