Material / Technique: brown
Height: 57 cm
Width: 31 cm
Depth: 20 cm
Year: 2023

The “Message Sensuel” sculpture depicts two naked women. Their bodies are casually entwined – they intertwine with each other, in an almost unnatural twist to form the letter S. The arrangement of the figures alludes to the « Figura serpentinata » popular in Italian Mannerism. The spiral connection of the bodies gives the work a dynamic and lightness, while at the same time making it escape traditional perception. The women’s bodies, slender and graceful, allude to ancient canons of beauty with their structure. Siudmak sets the matter in motion in an illusory way, and the bronze figures become almost alive – the sensual human silhouettes, kept in the colors of sea green, seem to gently move and glide through the air.