Material / Technique: Gilded bronze
Height: 36 cm
Width: 17 cm
Depth: 20 cm

LE CŒUR sculpture depicts the human heart. The artist has portrayed it in a remarkably anatomically correct way – both its shape and its veins and arteries, whose form is reminiscent of tree branches. Inside the heart is a naked huddled figure, which seems to be inseparable from the heart – not only does its silhouette fit perfectly into its interior, but also its hair has the same shape as the top of the heart. Through both the choice of colors and workmanship, the sculpture has an extremely elegant character and presents a classic beauty, while being an extremely intriguing work.

In LE CŒUR Wojciech Siudmak reaches for the everyday, almost banal subject of the heart and the metaphor of love, but presents it in a completely unusual, unconventional way.