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The exhibition showcases nearly 100 iconic works by Master Wojciech Siudmak, renowned through various cultural events and publications. Among them is the sculpture “The Conductor” (2023), created based on the painting “The Pursuit of Sound,” presented in two versions, one in bronze and the other in a large-scale format produced using 3D printing.

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The Greats Talked About Him

Federico Fellini

What boundless fantasy and what prodigious ability to make it come true. An almost unbelievable talent, more gifted and infinite of the one who guides, expresses himself and invents our richest dreams.

Jean-Jacques Annaud

“I’ve been exploring the world of his art for years. This way I join him in his dreams about images from the world behind the horizon. Hyperrealistic, beyond reality, intimate with the infinity, Siudmak has calm control over his incredible madness. He has the divine gift of materialising his imagination. He can involve us in his unbelievable journey.”

George Lucas

“Wojtek Siudmak’s fine draftsmanship and sense of light and dark give his visions great depth and multiply the remarkable range of colours and textures. There is a powerful tranquillity in Wojtek Siudmak’s creations, and endless space to explore and invent.”