Material / Technique: Patinated bronze
Height: 48 cm
Width: 72,5 cm
Depth: 31 cm
Year: 2022

MÉTAMORPHOSIS is a sculpture depicting a cowering lion with its mouth wide open, from which two human faces emerge – a male and a female. At the animal’s feet wriggles an attacking snake, on its back in turn lies a naked young man. The animal figures are extremely dynamic, embodying strength and danger. Human figures, on the other hand, are depicted in a contrasting way – the faces that emerge from the maw are characterized by calmness and pathos, while confidence can be read from the body language of the man on the animal’s back. Wojciech Siudmak has encapsulated an incredible range of emotions in his work, which is heightened by the choice of material and excellent execution of the work, making it an extremely prestigious piece.

The uniqueness of this work lies both in the selection of the subject and the execution of the work, which corresponds to ancient art, as well as the technical layer – the incredible modeling of the lion’s and man’s bodies or the expression of the figures depicted. The figure of the lion in sculpture has appeared for centuries, so it fits perfectly into the traditions of collecting. What makes this work unique, however, are the two human faces looking out of the animal’s mouth – an unprecedented motif.